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Association of Cricket Officials (ACO)

The Kent Cricket Association of Cricket Officials (Kent ACO) is responsible for advising, supporting and educating umpires and scorers in Kent. The overarching aims of the Kent ACO is to:

  • Promote the interests of umpires and scorers
  • Retain current officials
  • Encourage the recruitment of new officials
  • Improve the standard of officiating in the county

2017 Law Changes

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Umpiring and Scoring Education

Kent Cricket run education courses for Officials throughout the winter. Details are publicised on the website and places can be booked online. For course details please click here. For further details or to enquire about courses please contact Richard Harvey


For further information on the Kent ACO please contact the Chairman Stuart Chilmaid.

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials represents Scorers and Umpires for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

ECB ACO is the membership organisation responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all cricket officials. For further details please click here

ECB ACO Resources website

In advance of the season, the ECB ACO has developed a video to help refresh officials' understanding of the major changes to the Laws of the game – introduced by MCC in October 2017. In order for officials to access this, the ECB ACO has built a page on the ECB website to house this video and others that it has in the pipeline – more to come soon!

Information for Scorers

MCC Laws of Cricket – Scorers’ update

As you will be aware, a new code of the MCC Laws of Cricket (2017 Code) came into effect on 1st October 2017. Although you may not be scoring regularly at the moment, it is good to be prepared, especially those of you who are involved in the training of officials.

For this purpose, a quick reference guide has been prepared to the Law changes that have a direct impact on scorers. This does not replace the full Law book supplied by the MCC but does contain practical advice on how to score certain events affected by the Law changes.

Click here to read full guide

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