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Disclosure & Barring Service

All umpires are expected to hold and maintain their Disclosure and Barring Service Check, as they are in a position of trust and the majority of cricket matches will involve players under the age of 18.

Who requires a DBS...

  • Welfare Officers (Club, League, County etc and deputies)
  • Coach (whether volunteer or paid, assisting or leading)
  • Umpire
  • Scorer
  • Junior Managers
  • Age Group Managers
  • Open Age Group Team captains
  • Junior Supervisors
  • First Aiders/Physios/Medical Support
For all other roles, if working closely with children, you should do a risk assessment or contact the County WO for advice.

The minimum age for a DBS check is now 16.

How to get a DBS

Renewing your DBS...

Did you apply for your DBS using a paper form (pre 2017/18)?

  • If so, when you receive a reminder from the ECB to renew your DBS, you should apply for a new one via the online application process. Your DBS details will then be on the new ECB database and your ID verifier at your club can check you are up to date at any time in the future.
  • If you also joined the DBS Update Service when you applied with your paper form, you can ask the ECB to do a Status Update Check. Complete and forward the form to ECB. However, this information is on a different ECB database and your club ID verifier will not be able to check your DBS status in the future – so it may be simpler in the long run for all concerned for you to do a new DBS instead.

Did you apply for your DBS using the new online system (2017/18 onwards)?

  • Volunteers - You will automatically be enrolled in the DBS Update Service and the ECB will check your criminal record remains unchanged and update the database. Your Club ID verifier can also check your DBS is current via the ECB DBS disclosure application process. If you remain a member of the DBS Update Service, you will not need to renew your DBS in 3 years’ time.
  • Paid Role DBS - You will need to apply and pay for membership of the DBS Update Service (£13 a year). Please note – the Update Service is run by the DBS and not the ECB. If you don’t join the DBS Update Service, you will need to complete a new ECB DBS every 3 years. Joining must be done within 30 days of the issue of the disclosure. See Update Service and where you see “Application Reference Number” – choose – “Use my Certificate Number instead”.

DBS for non-UK residents...

All overseas player/coaches from outside the EEA have to ensure they comply with UK Borders Agency requirements, obtain the correct VISA and get Governing Body endorsement. We cannot offer advice, but guidance can be sought from Richard Harvey at Kent Cricket – Richard.harvey.kent@ecb.co.uk. Or see ECB website.

All overseas player/coaches from EEA or non-EEA countries will need to complete the ECB Vetting procedure. In order to do this they must complete a Non-UK Resident Vetting form.

With the ECB Non-UK vetting form the applicant will need to supply (1) a Police check / Certificate of good conduct from the Overseas Country issued within the last 3 months and (2) a copy of the photo page of their passport and (3) a copy of their visa (if applicable).

NB – They should obtain the Police check BEFORE they leave their country; it is much easier and in some countries this can only be applied for face to face.

For information on how to obtain a Police check / Certificate of good conduct from the Overseas Country please see the link below: 



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