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Disclosure & Barring Service

All umpires are expected to hold and maintain their Disclosure and Barring Service Check, as they are in a position of trust and the majority of cricket matches will involve players under the age of 18.

On 1 December 2012 the CRB (who issued disclosures) and the ISA (who make barring decisions) merged to form the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). All reference on this website will now be made to DBS rather than CRB.

Who requires a DBS...

  • Welfare Officers (Club, League, County etc and deputies)
  • Coach (whether volunteer or paid, assisting or leading)
  • Umpire
  • Scorer
  • Junior Managers
  • Age Group Managers
  • Open Age Group Team captains
  • Junior Supervisors
  • First Aiders/Physios/Medical Support
For all other roles, if working closely with children, you should do a risk assessment or contact the County WO for advice. Also see the ECB Guidance above. 

The minimum age for a DBS check is now 16.

How to get a DBS form...

All ECB DBS checks are carried out by GBGroup
  • You can order a pack or multiple packs on line from GBGroup: Request a DBS Form online
  • You can telephone GBGroup on 0845 251 3000 to request a pack
  • You should allow about 7 days for the pack to arrive

The DBS process (updated June 2013)...

There is a 2 key stages ECB vetting procedure (from June 2013):
  1. You apply for, and receive a DBS disclosure
  2. You send in your copy of the DBS disclosure to GBGroup in order for the disclosure to be vetted. The disclosure will be returned to you, and if cleared for working or volunteering, your details will be added to the ECB database.
If your DBS disclosure is dated June 2013 onwards, the vetting process will not be complete until you have sent your copy in. The change has occurred due to the Home Office changing the procedure – at very short notice – the DBS now no longer send the Organisation who requests the DBS (the ECB) a copy of the disclosure; instead the organisation must ask to see the applicant’s copy.

For the full step by step process, Click Here.

Verifying the documents...

There will be a list of people able to verify your documents in your pack. The list is being updated regularly to include more Club Welfare Officers.

Please ensure you take sufficient ID documents - check the list in your pack or see the Identity Document Form.
Wherever possible at least one of the following documents should be:
  • Current valid Passport – from any country
  • PHOTOCARD Current UK Driving Licence. Full or provisional photocard - UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands. 
  • Birth Certificate (UK & Channel Islands) - issued within a year of birth. Full or short form acceptable including those issued by UK authorities overseas, such as Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces.
  • Adoption Certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)

Older style paper driving licences are acceptable, but are not classed as “Group 1” documents (see your pack for full details).

Renewing your DBS...

You should automatically receive a renewal pack from GBGroup. If you have moved they may not have been informed, and so you should contact them directly as described in the 'How to get a DBS form' section above.
  • DBS checks should be done every 3 years*, unless you register for the Update Service
  • If you are a coach, your ECBCA membership (and therefore insurance) becomes invalid if your DBS disclosure is more than 3 years old*
  • If you are an umpire, your ACO membership (and therefore insurance) becomes invalid if your DBS disclosure is more than 3 years old*
  • If you are a CWO, and your DBS disclosure is more than 3 years old* your CWO status is not recognised as current
  • If you are an ID checker, your ID checker status becomes invalid if your DBS disclosure is more than 3 years old*
  • Club Welfare Officers should ensure their staff and volunteers are checked every 3 years*
* Must be done every 3 years, unless issued after 17 June 2013 and you have joined the Update Service.

Update Service...

For disclosures dated 17 June 2013 onwards, applicants will now have the option of registering with the DBS to join the Online Update Service:
  • This must be done online, within 19 days of the issue of the disclosure and registering is done via the DBS, (not the ECB) - www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service
  • This is free for volunteers and costs £13 annually for paid roles, paid to the DBS (not the ECB)
  • The ECB encourages individuals to register for this service. Instead of asking you to complete another DBS application in 3 years’ time, they will be able to do a simple online check to see if your criminal record has changed. If it has changed, you will need to apply for a new DBS so the information can be seen and you can go through the vetting process again
  • If you do not register, you will have to complete another DBS in 3 years time
  • You may be able to use this disclosure for other roles outside cricket (if the disclosure is the same “level” – ie enhanced with check against the barred list to work with children, and the other organisation is willing to accept it)

DBS for non-UK residents...

An overseas applicant who will be working with children will need to complete the ECB Vetting procedure. In order to do this they must complete a Non-UK Resident Vetting form. This can be downloaded from the ECB website:


With the ECB Non-UK vetting form the applicant will need to supply (1) a Police check / Certificate of good conduct from the Overseas Country and (2) a copy of the photo page of their passport.

For information on how to obtain a Police check / Certificate of good conduct from the Overseas County please see the link below: 


or information regarding studying in the UK please see our information page: http://www.kentcommunitycricket.co.uk/coaching/course-information

Online Applications...

The ECB is currently working on introducing on line applications for DBS checks.  When this is operational you will be able to choose to complete a paper form, or on line application form.  Further details will follow when available.

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