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Umpire & Scoring

With more Cricket being played throughout the county, the demand for Umpires and Scorers has never been higher. Kent Cricket aim to run both Umpire and Scoring courses throughout the county in the winter months. Courses are delivered by the Kent Association of Cricket Officials at various venues within Kent and are tutored by qualified tutors. All tutors are currently active Umpires and/or Scorers.

Umpiring Courses

Umpiring Courses

The following courses are due to run in Kent this coming winter (2015/2016):
  • ECB ACO Level 1 - Understanding the Laws
This course is designed for those who intend to umpire regularly, or those that wish to acquire a better knowledge of the laws of cricket. Aside fom covering the key laws in detail, it also deals with the basic techniques of match management. No prior knowledge is required. As well as being the starting point for new umpires, this course is also a useful refresher for already qualified umpires.

All courses will be over a maximum of ten consecutive two hour weekly evenings and includes an exam following the course. The cost of the course is £105 which includes assessment and certification. If you would like to take a refresher course please contact Heidi Coleman

  • ECB ACO Level 1a - Understanding the Game
This course is 12-16 hours duration and is available to all umpires who have successfully completed Level 1. Level 1A is not intended to be a taught course but more of a facilitator-led, participative programme which introduces the umpire to self-apprasial and an understanding of the game beyond just knowledge of the laws. It bridges the gap between the knowledge based Level 1 course and the field craft and techniques based Level 2 course.

Pre-requisites for attendance on this course are: successful completion on ECB ACO Level 1: Understanding the Laws; relevant umpiring experience (at least 1 season umpiring adult cricket as a minimum); fully paid member of the ECB ACO and have a vaild DBS* certificate (formerly known as CRB).

To obtain DBS application form please see the following information to order pack:  http://www.tmgcrb.co.uk/already-using-tmg-crb/ecb/order-a-pack/

To obtain ECB ACO membership please go to: http://www.ecb.co.uk/ecb/ecb-association-of-cricket-officials/membership-join-here 

For further information please contact Heidi Coleman

Scorer Courses

Scorer Courses

The KCB ACO can offer all those that would like to take the first step on the Scoring Qualification Pathway the following courses this winter (2015/2016): 

  • Introduction to Scoring

This introductory course provides a basic overview of how to score a match. No prior knowledge for attendees is required. This short course (maximum of 3 hours) is suitable for all club volunteers including players, parents and coaches.

  • ECB ACO Level 1
This course covers the elementary aspects of cricket scoring.  The course will equip you with enough knowledge and practice to score colts, school and club cricket. You will also learn the laws of cricket. 

Details of scoring courses will be advertised over the coming months. For enquiries and to express an interest please contact Heidi Coleman

Course funding

Both the Kent League and Kent Regional Cricket League provide some funding for both Umpire and Scoring courses. For further information on Kent League funding contact Tony Bentley and Keith Hemstalk for Kent Regional Cricket League funding.

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