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Every Club Should Have an Online DBS Verifier!

on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. Posted in Welfare

Every Club Should Have an Online DBS Verifier!

Next week we expect the official launch of On Line DBS Applications.  We are encouraging all Club Welfare Officers to sign up to be one.  This will make it very easy for everyone needing a DBS at your club to get one.

Please ask your Club Welfare Officer whether they have registered to be one, and if they have not, encourage them to register!  If your Club Welfare Officer does not wish to be one, you can request we consider someone else at your Club.

E mail the County Welfare Officer at kcbcwo.kent@ecb.co.uk with:

  • Full name (William Owen, not Bill Owen)
  • E mail
  • Date Of Birth
  • Club
  • Position at Club

We have been promised online DBS checks for some time now - lets make sure we make it easy for club members who need one, to get one!

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