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Chance to Shine launch Comprehensive Teachers Portal

on Tuesday, 17 October 2017. Posted in Schools, Chance to Shine

Chance to Shine launch Comprehensive Teachers Portal

Chance to Shine have created a powerful bank of free resources for primary schools, so teachers can lead their own cricket sessions with confidence. 

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Chance to Shine has introduced the game and its educational benefits, to more than 3.5 million boys and girls in 14,000 state schools, since 2005.

That’s a lot of playing and learning, and along the way we’ve learned a lot about how the game can inspire, engage and develop young people of all abilities.

Now, for the first time, we have captured, documented and shared our learning.

We have created a powerful bank of free resources for you and your school.

Much as we’d like to, we can’t deliver the programme directly in every school. We know that many teachers are keen and able to offer cricket themselves. These resources will help you to do that; and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge or be a cricket expert to share the fun!


We’ve developed this programme because we know through experience that cricket can be a powerful and lasting component of a young person’s learning and development, in turn bringing wider educational and social benefits.


If you would like support to deliver the Chance to Shine programme in your school, please contact your local county cricket board. Details can be found at ecb.co.uk/county-cricket-boards

If you have any questions or comments about these resources, please contact Chance to Shine: info@chancetoshine.org

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