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Kent Under 11 Girls v Surrey

on Tuesday, 27 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Girls

Kent Under 11 Girls v Surrey Girls Under 11 Girls, on Saturday 24th June at Selling Cavaliers Cricket Club

Kent Under 11 Girls 144-4  (30 overs) (Lucia Philpott 32 and Anna Roche 30 retired not out, Ella Lockhart 20. Isla McCulloch 16)

Surrey Girls Under 11 Girls 84 All out (26.1 overs) (Jessie Gale 2-4, Ella Lockhart 1-0, Ada Grieve 1-5)

Catches (2):   Ella Lockhart, Jessie Gale.

Run Outs (3): Isla McCulloch, Anna Roche, Kate Blackman.

Result:         Kent Under 11 Girls Won by 60 Runs


Despite early setbacks, the Kent Under 11 Girls produced one of the finest ever batting innings to win the third consecutive match in this season’s campaign.  Although rain threatened during the first part of a warm, breezy afternoon, it did not materialise and the sun came out to witness a famous Kent victory over a strong fielding and bowling Surrey side at the lovely Selling Cricket Ground.

After stand in skipper Anna and vice captain Jessie won the toss and elected to bat, we made a disastrous start when Ella hesitated after pushing the first ball gently to cover causing Ada to be run out without facing.

Things went from bad to worse when the consistent scoring Jessie was out for just 1 run, well caught in the covers after failing to get her head over a drive.  At 11-2 after five overs we were in danger of not batting out the longer 30 overs innings that the south east counties had agreed to trial this season.

However, Ella and Isla sensibly set about the recovery against the accurate Surrey attack.  Isla got off the mark with a beautiful cover drive for four.  A partnership developed and things looked good up until the first drinks interval.  Unfortunately, it broke their concentration and although Ella drove sweetly over extra cover, she was bowled the next ball, playing over a full length delivery.  Isla’s demise came shortly afterwards in similar fashion.

So, with Anna and Lucia both on nought and still 19 overs remaining, the rebuilding process had to start all over again.  Surrey looked a good outfit and had a well placed field and we were on the backfoot, but slowly and steadily we worked our way back into the game.  Anna and Lucia gained in confidence and started to drive and pull powerfully, pushing the field back to create gaps.  Their bowling attack was all medium pace with no spin and that lack of variation certainly played into our hands.

They scored quickly to put us in a dominant situation and both retired not out with 30 each.  It had been a brilliant turnaround partnership, and Olivia and Rosie took full advantage and carried on scoring runs right to the very end. 

Earlier it looked as though we would not bat out the overs, but then a hundred became possible.  We would have been happy with 120, but 144 was unbelievable and really put the pressure on Surrey.

All we had to do was to put the ball in the right areas, to create that pressure, and we did just that.  Dependable Lucia kept things tight from the outset.  She beat the bat a few times and was unlucky not to take wicket.  Up the hill, Kate was straight but bowled a bit short, but an early run out by Isla from cover was achieved in the fourth over.

Rosie, Anna and Ada claimed a wicket apiece, and Anna also had the foresight to wing the ball in for a run out after dropping a fairly simple chance at short mid on.  Eve bowled fast and straight in her best spell of the season, which included a maiden, a rare but welcome achievement for the Beckenham left arm bowler!!  Spin from Emily and high flight from Olivia confused the Surrey batters, who were clearly not used to facing slow bowling.

We were taking regular wickets and Surrey were behind in the run rate when Jessie came on in the 17th over.  The visitors were visibly shocked to see this Kent bowler racing in from the top end.  She bowled faster than we have ever seen her bowl, hitting the stumps twice and close to getting ‘nicks’ on other occasions.  The only runs she conceded were wides!  We just need to get her field right to enable her to take more wickets.

Isla fell ill and did not bowl as well as we know she can, but it did not matter.  Although their last pair rallied against Amy and Analvia’s bowling, but they were so far behind that we were going to win the game.  Ella, who had kept so well earlier, came on to bowl from the bottom end and removed their stubborn left hander with a lovely delivery that hit the top of her off stump.  Kate finished things off with a smart run out at the bowlers end.

In all the years that I have been looking after Kent Under 11s, this must be one of the finest all round team performances that we have ever produced.  Considering that were missing our captain and vice captain, we had an awful start, Surrey were a very good bowling and fielding side, and yet we won by 60 runs.  It was a great team effort with everyone again contributing to the victory, which is now three wins in succession.  It is also worth noting that with Ella and Olivia sharing the keeping, there were no byes – very rare at Under 11 level.

Lottie came along to support after she had just lost to Surrey playing basketball, and it was nice to see Alexa and Darcey from last year’s Under 11s.  Thanks to Paula and Amanda for a lovely tea, Richard for umpiring and Alastair for scoring, and of course to Roger and Chris at Selling CC for hosting us at their superb cricket ground.  Onwards and upwards…….


Kent Under 12 Boys v Surrey

on Tuesday, 27 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v Surrey
Age Group: Under 12 Boys
Date:  Sunday 25th June
Venue: Addington CC
Format: 40 overs
Kent Score: 106 all out
Opposition Score: 198-6
Result: Surrey win by 92 runs

Top Performances

Bowling: A . Kumar  8-21-4

Batting: A. Kumar  35



Kent Under 13 Girls v Middlesex

on Monday, 26 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Girls

Middlesex Women U13 v Kent CAG U13
Age Group: U13
Date: Saturday 17th June 2017
Venue: Belmont School, Mill Hill
Format: 35 Overs

Kent Score: 160/6

Opposition Score: 60

Result: Kent win 100 runs

Top Performances:

  • Megan Sturge - 42
  • Ryana MacDonald-Gay – 40 & 2/10
  • Grace Scrivens – 2/1 (inc double wicket maiden)
  • Issy Shelley – 2/8

Kent Under 13 Boys v Hampshire

on Monday, 26 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v  Hampshire
Age Group: Under 13 Boys
Date:  Sunday 18th June
Venue: Chestfield Cc
Format: 40 overs
Kent Score: 167-2
Opposition Score: 166-9
Result: Kent win by 8 wickets

Top Performances


J.Kearns 6-1-36-2

T.Ealham 8-1-26-2

L.McGroarty 5-0-18-2


B. Niewoudt 74*

T. Ealham 37

Kent Under 17 Boys v Essex

on Monday, 26 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v  Essex
Age Group: Under 17 Boys
Date:  Sunday 18th June
Venue: Polo Farm
Format: ECB County Competitions Cup Group 3A
Kent Score: 273-3 off 50 overs
Opposition Score: 252 all out
Result: Kent win by 21 runs

Top Performances


H. Kumar 6 overs 2-36

T. Chandler 8.4 2-34

J. Gray 10 overs 2-49


H. Kumar 57

J.Cox 151*

J.O'Riordan 38

Kent Under 13 Emerging Spitfires v Berkshire U13 Girls

on Monday, 26 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Girls

Berkshire U13 Girls Development v

Kent CAG U13 Emerging Spitfires

Age Group: U13
Date: Saturday 25th June 2017
Venue: The Oratory, Berkshire, RG8
Format: 35 Overs

Kent Score: 184/8

Opposition Score: 130 all out

Result: Kent win by 54 runs

Top Performances:

  • Maisie Wright – 36 & 2/14
  • Isabella Gordon – 36
  • Caitlin Lloyd – 24
  • Hollie McCoy – 23 not out, 1/12, 1 catch
  • Alexa Stonehouse – 2/11, 1 catch
  • Olivia Mason – 2/10

Kent Under 14 Boys v Sussex

on Monday, 26 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v Sussex
Age Group: Under 14 boys
Date:  Sunday 25th June
Venue: Polo Farm
Format: ECB U14 County Cup Group 4
Kent Score: 295-6
Opposition Score: 232 all out
Result: Kent win by 63 runs

Top Performances

Batting: B. Carpenter-Friend 103

            F. Logan 70

            A. Ralph- Harding

            H. Bevan- Thomas 44



          H. Bevan-Thomas 10-3-46-2

          N. Fox 6-1-22-1







Kent Under 11 Girls v Platt CC

on Tuesday, 20 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Girls

Kent Under 11 Girls v Platt CC Under 11s, on Saturday 17th June at Platt Cricket Club

Kent Under 11 Girls 128-3  (25 overs) (Jessie Gale 27, Anna Roche 27, Ella Lockhart 20 (all retired not out, Elli Upton 17, Ada Grieve 10 not out)

Pevensey CC Under 11s 62 All out (22.4 overs) (Hannah Kruger 3-3, Jessie Gale 2-3)

Catches (3):    Lucia Philpott, Lizzie Piper, Emma Colville.

Run Out:          Elli Upton.

Result:          Kent Under 11 Girls Won by 66 Runs


On a very hot and sticky day, Kent Girls made their highest total and recorded their biggest margin of victory of the season against a plucky Platt Boys team. 

Siting the throw down net on the opposite side of the ground compared to usual, we played a new warm up game (catch in the square), conducted a new fielding drill, followed by tip and run for most and power hitting for some.

Preparations had gone well up to then but we learnt that vice captain Esther was not coming due to ill health and then skipper Jimmy misjudged the line and left the ball and was out bowled behind her legs in the first over.  Not a good start.

However, the flamboyant Jessie and the steady Ella steadied the ship.  Their contrasting style complemented one another and their unbroken partnership set us on our way.  Ella never looked in trouble and her four off the back foot through the covers was arguably the stroke of the match.  Jessie, on the other hand, powered several balls to the boundary.  Luck was on her side to reach the retirement score after their keeper dropped the simplest of catches.

It was good to see vice captain Anna hitting the ball as we know she can.  There was a little hesitancy in running between the wickets early on, but once settled, she finally delivered a long overdue innings and a lifetime’s best score of 27 not out, which included four boundaries.

Our run rate was good early on but unlike previous matches when we lost momentum, this time we continued.  Elli, Lottie and Ada are not big hitters, but they got bat on ball and with the field back on their heels, played tip and run into the space in front.  Their strike rotation, including some incredible cheeky singles when the ball had only gone a metre, was fantastic to witness.

So, we were happy bunnies at tea with a total we felt confident we could defend.  Although Ada was clubbed for a couple of boundaries, both she and Lucia bowled well but were wicketless in the first four overs .  Emma claimed the first wicket with her second ball, Lucia taking a good catch at mid on.  Emily bowled beautifully from the bottom end, and was rewarded by bowling the other opener.  Olivia flighted well from the opposite end without such luck.  Ella did a great job to run out their No.3 from Elli’s wide throw from long stop for the third wicket.  Elli struggled a bit with her length, and Lizzie with her line, and the boys score began to creep up.  However, Anna, Lottie and especially Hannah all put the ball in the right areas and we started to take wickets. 

Ella, having batted for a long time and had stopped a lot of wayward bowling keeping for 16 overs, was pleased to hand over the gloves to Olivia.  She dragged herself off pitch and collapsed in a heap over the boundary!

Then in the 21st over, Jessie was finally brought on.  Still wicketless from the start of the season, she had been like a caged tiger itching to get her hands on the ball.  When she was finally unleashed from the top end, she steamed in, fast and straight, and clean bowled their No. 10 third ball.  What a relief for us all!  Not content with one, she wrapped things up by taking the 10th wicket in her second over to seal a convincing win.  So pleased for her, and definitely not the last wickets that she will take this season.

Despite the stifling temperatures of the afternoon, we kept going right to the end and never slackened off, even though we knew we would win quite soon into their inning.  We held all our catches and looked ‘busy’ in the field,  The boys struggled to score runs and if we had bowled more accurately, they would not have scored more than 40, and so this is something that we must work on.

Although disappointment with the bat for Jimmy, she was at the centre of things, controlling the field.  Still a bit of work needed concerning distance of the cover fielders from the bat, and long stop from the keeper, and always have a deep backward square leg on the boundary for every bowler.  Apart from that, superb stuff, and a really well set field for Jessie.

We celebrated our victory with ice lollies each, kindly bought by one of the boy’s parents, and then the traditional photo up the climbing frame and on the swings.

Credit to Kate who turned up to support at tea time – or was it just for the strawberry tea, wonderfully provided by Susannah and Debi?  Thanks to Alex and Henry for umpiring, and to Carl for scoring.  He’d not done it for 20 years, and although the scorebook tallied, he needs a Specsavers appointment because he was heard calling ‘bowler’s name’ when it was his daughter Hannah coming on at the bottom end!!

It was a good day.




Kent Under 14 Boys v Middlesex

on Tuesday, 20 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v Middlesex
Age Group: Under 14 Boys
Date:  Sunday 4th June
Venue: Merchant Taylors School
Format: ECB County Cup Group 4
Kent Score: 239-9 (50 overs)
Opposition Score: 240-7 (48 overs)
Result: Middlesex win by 3 wickets

Top Performances

Bowling :

C.Walker 8-1-30-2


F.McQueen 47

F.Logan 32

Kent Under 11 Boys v Sussex

on Monday, 19 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v Sussex
Age Group: Under 11 Boys
Date:  Sunday 18th June
Venue: Blackstone
Format: 35 overs friendly
Kent Score: 226-7 off
Opposition Score: 165-9
Result: Kent win by 61 runs

Top Performances

Batting : 

V. Parakirama 114


A. Singh 7-0-23-4



Infant Games Success in Shepway!

on Saturday, 17 June 2017. Posted in Schools, Chance to Shine

Infant Games Success in Shepway!

More than 200 key stage one children were treated to a day of non-stop sport at the fantastic Three Hills Sports Park, playing adapted games of 10 different sports! The Kent Sport inspired initiative of the Infant Games ran for the first time in Shepway on the 15-June, masterminded by the Shepway School Games Organiser (SGO) Sarah Greene.

Under 15 Boys v Norfolk

on Thursday, 15 June 2017. Posted in Performance Squads - Boys

Kent v Norfolk
Age Group: Under 15 Boys
Date:  Sunday 11th June
Venue: Greshams School
Format: ECB County Cup Group 3B
Kent Score: 199-7 (50 overs)
Opposition Score: 61 all out (30 overs)
Result: Kent win by 138 runs

Top Performances


B. Mills 6-2-9-3

H. Scott 8-2-12-3

McClean 9-3-8-2


J. Gordon 44

G.Ealham 28

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