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Material Purchasing

The Kent Groundsmans Association co-ordinate a bulk buying scheme across the county. Toward the end of the season the GA collate orders from clubs across Kent to make up the final order which is delivered to Addington Village Cricket Club, from where the materials can be collected. The volume of the order enables clubs to access materials at a heavily reduced rate.

The exact brands and specifications for this season are yet to be confirmed along with the prices, but below is an example of what has available in previous years:

  • GOSTD 125 Loam, 20kg bag, £3.12 + VAT
  • GOSTD 125 Loam, 1 Tonne bag, £113 + VAT
  • Rigby Taylor Mascot (R9) Grass Seed, 20kg bag, £75 (VAT exempt)
  • Autumn Fertiser with Iron, £17.20 + VAT
  • Spring Fertiliser, £18.00 + VAT
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