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Material Purchasing

The Kent County Groundsmans Association co-ordinate a bulk buying scheme across the county. This operates both in 'Spring' and 'Autumn', when clubs are most in need of materials.

The volume of orders enables the CGA to access industry leading products at prices that are affordable to even the smallest of cricket clubs. The exact brands and specifications of products will be confirmed prior to purchase. Items available will ordinarily include:

  • Premium Cricket Wicket Seed (Rye Grass, min. 3 cultivars)
  • Autumn/Winter Granular Fertiliser
  • Autumn/Winter Granular Fertiliser with Iron
  • Spring/Summer Granular Fertiliser
  • Purity Soil Conditioner

Products Available in Autumn Only

  • GOSTD 125 Loam, 20kg bag
  • GOSTD 75 Loam, 20kg bag
  • Ongar Loam, 20kg bag

For more information about the bulk buying scheme, please contact the CGA Treasurer, Peter Aylott

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