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Secondary Schools

Our focus is to engage with Secondary Schools who have little confidence in delivering Cricket, or those who are willing to work with us to engage with their students who don't have an interest the more traditional format. We want to ensure that Cricket is made as open and enjoyable as possible to all young people and recognise that hardball cricket isn't the only answer.

How do we do this? 

  • ECB Cricket for Teachers Courses
  • Lady Taverners Indoor Cricket
  • Chance to Compete Festivals

For more details on each of these, please see below.

Naturally we still want to support the traditional format of the game and will offer advice wherever needed. All hardball competitions in Kent are run by the Kent Schools Cricket Association

If you have any queries or would like to know what we can offer your school, then please contact james.moss.kent@ecb.co.uk or call 01227 473618

ECB Cricket for Teachers Course

The course is delivered by our Community Cricket Tutors, who have a wealth of experience in coaching in school environments. Each delegate will recieve a workbook and access to the 'icoachcricket' software/app, which contains both video and written resources to support the delivered content. 

What does the course cover?
• Why teach cricket?
• The ECB Player Development Model
• Basic and enhanced games and practices
• Integrated practices
• Modified and competitive games
• The cricket network

Typically the course lasts 3 hours, however we have also delivered it in 2 x 2 hour blocks. 

If you would be interested in attending or hosting this course at your school - please contact james.moss.kent@ecb.co.uk or call 01227 473618

Lady Taverners (Indoor Cricket)

Background: National competition structure for which we co-ordinate the Kent competition. The team crowned Kent Champion will progress to the Regional Finals.
Team Size: 8 (squad of 10)
Equipment: Incrediball and wooden or plastic bats
Eligible Schools: State and Independant
Eligible Players: All
Rules: Under 13 | Under 15

Chance to Compete

An adapted format that builds upon the action packed 'Kwik Cricket' played at primary school. We introduce wooden bats, an incrediball and batters retiring, rather than batting in pairs. Teams can include both boys and girls, with no minimum ratio.

Format: One day festival
Team Size: 8 (squad of 10)
Equipment: Incrediball and wooden bats
Eligible Schools: State Only
Eligible Players: No players within the Area Cricket Programme or Kent Squads

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